We’re proud to be the world's cheapest couple – he uses the shampoo suds from my hair during our 2min ‘speed showers’

A COUPLE have revealed how they split everything in a bid to save money, right down to their dental floss.

Rick, 33, and Karissa Parran, 26, make sure they get their money's worth on everything, so much so that they now have ‘2for1’ showers.

The couple spend no longer than two minutes in the shower and there is a strict “no hanky panky rule.”

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Karissa explains: “Rick uses the suds from my hair on his hair so it’s like two for one shampoo. 

“One bottle of shampoo lasts us about eight months between the both of us.”

Rick adds: “We actually share the razor, first she’ll shave under her armpit and then I’ll shave my face.”

The pair will share one cotton bud between two, have one toothbrush between them and even recycle the other’s used dental floss.

When it comes to food the couple have a weekly budget of $25 for groceries.

Karissa explains: “The household grocery budget goes towards everything we actually share but sometimes he likes to eat more of certain things and we have to buy him his own and he’s responsible for those charges.”

In fact Karissa locks away her snacks from Rick, and if he fancies having one of her crisps he can expect to fork out 15c for the privilege. 

Date night for Rick and Karissa sees the pair sitting down to look over their utility bills, where they become competitive with their money saving ways.

Karissa says: “The electric log works by showing us who uses electric when.

“Our bedtime is ten o’clock, so whoever stays up beyond that point or gets up earlier than 6 o’clock has to log on here.”

And it doesn’t stop there.

“Every time we flush the toilet we have to put it on the tally,” says Karissa.

“Whoever flushes the toilet more owes more on the electric and the water bill.”

“It’s fair, if one person is using more than the other then that person should pay,” Rick agrees.

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