We're savvy mums… this is why all parents should take a fitted sheet and laundry basket to the beach to keep sand at bay | The Sun

AS fun as they are, days at the beach can be a disaster if you don't go prepared.

So as busy mums, these women have a few tricks up their sleeve to help with fuss-fee days in the sun.

Mum-of-four Shannon Doherty, famed for mum hacks on TikTok and Instagram,is nothing if not organised, and her beach day prep should be the envy of all parents.

Pack a laundry basket

Shannon said laundry baskets are a must for a trip to the beach, and while they seem like an odd pick, the reason why is genius.

She suggests popping all the dirty, sandy towels and clothes inside the basket before lugging them to the car, so they don't make a mess.

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And be sure to pack a clean set of clothes.

But before you head off, give the basket a nice little shake to remove as much sand as possible.

Then when you get home, you can carry the basket straight to the laundry without creating a mess.

Create an easy sand-free zone

It's hard to imagine a sand-free zone while sitting on a tonne of it, but these savvy mums have a way and it's a life saver for kids who suddenly hate the sand.

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Hot hack

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Mum Lauren Cutter urges mums to pack a fitted sheet, in fact, Shannon swears by it too, and with it mums can create the perfect area.

Simply lay it flat on the sand and secure it using bags, baskets or other belongings which are used to prop up the corners.

Now, you've instantly created a seating area free from any sand and your kids will love you for it.

This is where Shannon's next tip comes in – always pack a bucket.

Fill it with water and place it on the outside of the sheet.

Then before stepping in, dip your sandy feet in the bucket to remove any sand.

The basket can also be used to rinse your kids' hands before they dig into some lunch. This way, there'll be no eating yucky sand.

Avoid sticky sand

There's nothing worse than sand sticking to your body, so it only makes sense for little ones to hate it too.

But you can avoid the sand-related tantrums once you leave the beach, simply by using baby powder.

"You're going to want to bring a thing of baby powder, put it into a sock and tie a knot in it, " Lauren demonstrated on TikTok.

Then, before heading to the car or before putting shoes on, simply run the powder-filled sock over their feet and legs and watch it disappear.

"Their feet will be totally clean and super soft too," she said.

But if you forget a spare sock, that's ok too because Shannon doesn't use one at all.

You can simply shake a little powder over the sandy area and rub the sand off with your hand.

Fuss-free sunblock application

If your child screams and squirms when you rub sunblock on their face, trust us when we say you aren't your only one.

But mother-of-four Kamry shared how a make-up brush can get the job done in half the time and without the tears and tantrums.

She squirts some sunblock on the bristles and rubs in onto her baby.

"The brush makes it easy to apply fast and evenly," she said, and others tend to agree.

An Aussie mum who runs the account Tiny Hearts swears by the tips too.

"'If you're not applying sunscreen with a make-up brush, you are not living," she said. "Definitely give it a go!"

Dr Sharryn Gardner, paediatrician and clinical adviser for on-demand child health app Juno added: "This method can be more soothing for your child and will ensure you don’t miss coverage on any key bits of skin."

Alternative to swimming

For little ones who might be afraid of the ocean but want to enjoy a swim, mum Myriam Sandler, suggests taking a small pop-up pool, to the beach with you.

Alternatively, Dr Gardner recommends taking a baby bathtub and filling with seawater which allows you to bring the ocean to your baby.

"For those that don’t have a baby tub or much space for packing, a large (and clean) washing up bowl is also suitable, as it still allows your baby to have a playful experience with natural water," she said.

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"Using a baby bathtub is also a safe way to introduce your baby to the sea if they still can’t regulate their own body temperatures.

"Collecting seawater and leaving the tub in the sun until it reaches a warmer temperature will provide your baby with safe and warm water to play in."

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