What does the Temperance tarot card mean?

IF the card you draw is a Temperance tarot, take a deep breath.

The angel pictured in this card represents the need to stay grounded while also being flexible.

What does the upright Temperance tarot mean?

The upright Temperance card calls on you to retain balance and keep yourself from picking sides; consider all points of view and refrain from immersing yourself in extreme controversy.

Even when life is stressful, the Temperance encourages you to remain calm. Recognize the small problems and do not allow them to discourage you from achieving your long term goals.

Keywords associated with the upright Temperance card include:

  • balance
  • calm
  • connecting with your guides
  • self-control

What does the reversed Temperance tarot card mean?

This reading invites you to reflect on your priorities and habits. The card encourages you to open yourself up to healing and finding balance.

However, it may also serve as a warning. You may have picked up this card because your lack of balance is negatively affecting you. Without intervention, these patterns will worsen and your guides will pressure you further to pay attention.

This card indicates that you may need to make a change in your daily life to achieve restoration. This could be your career, relationships, or other daily routines.

Keywords associated with the reversed card include:

  • out of balance
  • disharmony
  • impatience
  • chaos

What are the Major Arcana cards in Tarot?

The Fool – Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit

The Magician – manifestation, resourcefulness, power

The High Priestess – intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine

The Empress – Femininity, beauty, nature

The Emperor – authority, establishment, structure

The Hierophant – spiritual wisdom

The Lovers – love, harmony, relationships

The Chariot – control, willpower, success

Justice – fairness, truth, law

Strength – strength, courage, influence

The Hermit – soul searching, inner guidance

Wheel of Fortune – good luck, karma, life cycles 

The Hanged Man – pause, surrender, letting go

Death – endings, change, transitions

Temperance – balance, moderation, patience

The Devil – shadow self, addiction, restriction

The Tower – sudden change, upheaval, chaos

The Star – hope, faith, purpose, spirituality

The Moon – illusion, fear, anxiety

The Sun – positivity, fun, warmth, success

Judgment – rebirth, inner calling

The World – completion, accomplishment, travel

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