Winged eyeliner tutorial: The foolproof steps to flawless eyeliner – liquid and pencil

Maya Jama shows fans her winged eyeliner technique

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Winged eyeliner isn’t as difficult to master as you’d think. Whether you use liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencil, you only have to follow a few simple steps to get it right every single time. Here are the foolproof steps to flawless winged eyeliner, according to Charlotte Tilbury.

Winged eyeliner tutorial using liquid liner

If you want to achieve a stunning cat eye using liquid eyeliner, follow these 5 steps:

Step one

Use an eyelash curler to clamp your lashes at the root of your upper lash line.

Hold for five seconds and repeat on the other eye to open up your eyes and make you look more awake.

Step two

Draw a very thin line along your upper lash line, keeping close to the root of your eyelashes and stopping just before the outer corner of your eye.

Step three

Use a cotton bud to angle diagonally between the end of your eyebrow and the outer corner of your eye to perfectly angle your feline flick.

This is the perfect tool to help you keep your eyeliner straight and create an even winged liner look for both eyes.

Draw a dot where you want your winged eyeliner to end, about halfway up the cotton bud. This will help you connect the two for a perfect cat-eye.

Step four

Holding the cotton bud in place, connect the dot with the end of your eyeliner on your upper lash line. The cotton bud will keep your line straight!

The liquid eyeliner will give you an intense black line, so if you smudge it at all, you can use a moisturiser on the cotton bud to neaten up any edges.

Step five

Apply lashings of mascara to finish off your feline gaze. Then add a pop of colour with a delicious matte lipstick to give you a party-ready look instantly!

Winged eyeliner tutorial using an eyeliner pencil

If you prefer a softer, smokey eyeliner look for every day, Charlotte Tilbury recommends using kohl and pencil liners instead!

Follow the following four steps to get it right:

Step one

Start by lining the top lash-line with your eyeliner pencil, being sure to smudge close to the lashes so no skin is showing through.

Step two

Wing out in an upward direction. If you’re going for a smokey look, this doesn’t have to be precise.

Remember to use a cotton bud for extra guidance to get the angle perfect!

Step three

Take a smudging brush such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Smudger Brush and gently blend the eyeliner, softening and smudging out the edges for a smokey look!

Don’t hang about, work quickly because most liners, such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl liner will set in place after 30 seconds.

Step four

Apply your eyeliner pencil along the lower lash-line, smudging out the edges for gorgeous sultry eyes.

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