Woman adds totally new room to her house for FREE by transforming her dark and dusty attic into stunning boho space

EVER feel like you could do with an extra room in your house? Then maybe it's time to transform your attic.

That's exactly what one woman did by tackling her dark and dusty loft to turn it into a gorgeous space to relax in – giving herself a whole new room in her house for free.

TikTok user Charlotte Violet has been sharing her attic transformation online in progress videos, with the space now a stunning boho-inspired room complete with a hammock bed and projector wall.

Wanting to make the most out of the unused attic in her townhouse, she and her partner decided to pack up what they had sitting up there and sell their unwanted stuff.

With the space empty, they sanded down the original beams and woodwork in the attic and insulated the roof and walls.

New flooring was laid and the walls and ceiling were spruced up with wood panels, with the couple creating a huge projector wall on one side of the attic to watch movies with.

Finished touches included a hammock bed that can be rolled out to chill out on, a huge skylight window, a wooden rope swing and gold leaf lights on the walls.

It also comes complete with a cosy reading nook and plenty of plants to give the attic more of a homely feel, with Charlotte collecting pieces of wood and tree stumps to create chic features with, like floating shelves.

Charlotte revealed that the attic isn't quite complete yet, with the couple planning on building a futon bed and stairs leading up to the attic from the hallway below.

People were left so impressed with the transformation, with one fan commenting: "It looks so cool and it's just from a dusty attic."

Inspired, another added: "Thank you for the motivation to finish my attic some day."

"WHEN I HAVE A HOUSE I AM DOING THIS," wrote one person.

A fourth said: "This is genuinely making me cry, I didn't realise I wanted something so bad."

Another teased: "Not me eyeing my dusty attic after seeing this."

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