Woman brags her boyfriend stole fake flowers from a MEMORIAL for her – and horrified people brand them both ‘scumbags’ – The Sun

A COUPLE have been branded ‘scumbags’ after a woman claimed her boyfriend nicked a bouquet of flowers from someone’s memorial for her.

The woman shared a snap of the white and purple flowers on social media, seemingly impressed at her boyfriend’s gesture.

It's not clear whether she was pulling a prank, as she called their relationship “scumbag love”.

She said: “Only my boyfriend would steal flowers from someone’s memorial and give them to me."

The photo ended up on Reddit, where people also pointed out the flowers looked like fakes.

The post has racked up hundreds of comments, where people shamed the couple for being ‘trash’.

One person said: “Oh my god. This is horrible.”

Another said: “This isn't what loving partners do, this is what lowlife pieces of trash do.”

A third added: “Well, at least she’s aware they’re both scumbags. That’s something, I guess.”

Someone else wrote: “Nothing says 'trash love' as fake flowers stolen from someone’s grave.”

This person said: “Do they pride themselves on having a "scumbag relationship.”

A few people joked that the pair would most likely be haunted now, saying: “Do you want vengeful ghosts? ‘Cause this is how you get vengeful ghosts.”

Agreeing, this person said: “Someone's getting haunted.”

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