Woman claims her ‘splinting’ trick will help if you’re suffering from constipation

LOOK – without going into too much detail, we all know how uncomfortable constipation is.

But while most people either turn to over-the-counter remedies or simply chug prune juice (*shivers*), one woman has shared her little-known trick that promises to put an end to the discomfort.

Earlier this month, a TikTok user went viral when she explained how she sticks her thumb inside her vagina and pushes the poo out through the vaginal wall.

She said: "When you're constipated and the poo is there but you can't quite push it out […], just hook your thumb in your vagina.

"And then you can feel the poop and you can just pop it out. Let me know how it goes. You're welcome!"

Unsurprisingly, the video attracted a LOT of attention on social media – but is this unusual method actually safe?

Speaking to Buzzfeed, gynaecologist Dr. Jennifer Lincoln revealed that it's actually known as "splinting".

She said: "If people need to splint frequently in order to empty their bowels, that is a sign that they should chat with their doctor to see how to better manage constipation and rule out any pelvic prolapse."

What's more, the doctor also recommended lubricating your finger first and always making sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and afterwards.

"Just be sure your hands are clean," she said. "And stop if something hurts!"

What is splinting and is it safe?

  • Dr Eman A. Elkadry told Health: "Splinting involves supporting the perineum—the area externally between the rectum and vagina—or the back wall of the vagina to assist in having a bowel movement."
  • If you have normal bowel movements, there is no need to try splinting
  • If you're struggling with constipation, the expert recommends gradually adding more fibre into your diet which should make it easier to pass the stool
  • Splinting is a good alternative for women who have suffered a pelvic prolapse as it avoids having to strain
  • You should always clean your hands first
  • Stop immediately if it starts to hurt

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