Woman creates an optical illusion when coming down a kids' slide and it’s left people bemused | The Sun

SHE was having some fun in a kids' playground, and decided to have a go on a twirly slide.

But while she slid down from the top facing forwards, she ended up at the bottom having turned round so she was on her front, coming down backwards.

"How did you end up backwards?" a voice could be heard asking her.

To which she replied: "I don't know, it was so fast!"

Her boyfriend shared the video on TikTok, alongside the caption: "@Grumpy! created an optical illusion with her body."

And people in the comments section were equally confused as to just how the 27-year-old had managed to get herself twisted round.

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"watched 3 times I'm giving up for my sanity," one wrote.

"I'm convinced this was a magic trick," another added.

"how many times have I watched this…. yes," a third commented.

While someone else wrote: "My brain stopped for a sec."

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And another weighed in: "I've watched this 11 times and still can't figure it out."

Others insisted they had worked out just how the "illusion" had happened.

"I GOT IT!!" one wrote.

"The turn was so sharp that she ended up just twisting her body a little and ended up on her stomach."

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As another added: "She leans to the side which becomes the new bottom of the slide so she ends on her stomach."

"I know what happened, I don't know how to explain it," a third commented.

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