Woman ends up with 'Nasty Gal' leather trousers so big they look like they’re ‘for the BFG’ in online shopping fail

A WOMAN got more than she bargained for after snapping up a pair of discounted trousers, which she says she found in the Nasty Gal sale. 

The Brit, called Ashley, shared a hilarious video of her trying on the white faux-leather trousers, admitting they weren’t quite what she expected after falling victim to an online shopping fail. 

Ashley claims she felt ‘personally victimised by the trousers’, which were so big she asked if they were modelled on the BFG. 

Uploading a video to TikTok, she said: “I’d like to lodge a grievance because I ordered some trousers from you and I’ve been having a mental breakdown for three days over them.”

Ashley joked she finally ‘felt ready to talk’, as she shows off the trousers, which are so big they nearly cover her boobs. 

She fumes: “I would just like to know who the hell did you model these on? Was it the BF f*****g G?

“Also whose body do these flatter?”

She shows off the trousers, which she says she picked up for £8, down from £32, in a number of poses. 

Outraged, Ashley continues to exclaim: “Are you joking me? Are you having a laugh?

“On what planet do these look good, I know I shouldn’t have ordered them, I don’t know who I thought I was. What am I supposed to wear these with?”

She added she bought them on a whim as they were reduced, saying: “They are 9 metres long, I’m 5”7 so hardly short and they drown me.” 

Ashley later shared a snap of a model wearing the Slit or Miss Plus Faux Leather Trousers, saying it's the pair she bought.

The website describes the trousers as featuring ‘a high-waisted, wide-leg silhouette, slits at hems, elasticized waist, and pockets at sides’. 

Her hilarious review of the trousers has been watched nearly seven million times, as people were equally shocked. 

One person wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Someone else commented: “When I tell you I gasped at the full body reveal.”

  • Slit or Miss Plus Faux Leather Trousers, Nasty Gal, £8 – buy now

A third thought: “Ah see you must’ve misread the description. It’s a parachute for emergencies.”

While another added: “On the plus side though, you could take up fly fishing, because you’ve got half the gear.” 

Fabulous Digital has reached out the Nasty Gal for a comment.

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