Woman strip washes her dressing gown for the first time ever – and the results are really gross

A WOMAN's TikTok post has amassed almost 2 million views – and the reason why is gross. 

But it's also a very good reminder to wash your bathrobes.

Gemma Kaye Ryan took to the social media platform to wash her ‘oodie’ – a dressing gown – for the first time. 

In the clip, she began by tossing it in a bath and submerged it in water, with a hefty scoop of washing powder.

And the results were gobsmacking.

"This is so gross don't judge," she captioned the clip, adding: "Guys this is a reminder to deep clean your oodies. This was my first time cleaning my oodie, the water was super gross."

The water was absolutely gross.

It was brown, murky, and riddled with floating bits.

"Ew look at that water," she said, before showing followers how the water had become even filthier after an hour of soaking.

"This was the water after an hour. Yuck WTF is that?"

Gemma then retrieved it from the tub and tossed it in the washing machine for a deeper wash.

"All nice and clean," she said, as her dressing gown dried on the clothes line.


Despite the great end result, fans questioned how the garment became so filthy in the first place.

"Why wouldn't you wash it before? I don't get it. Why was that the first time?" one quizzed.

"I have had this oodie for like, maybe a month. It's only this bad because I fake tanned and wore it. LOL."

Another suggested she, "Just buy a new one," and to "Put it in the bin where it belongs."

This first appeared in Kidspot.Com.Au and was republished with permission.

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