Woman transforms white Converse from dirty to looking like new with simple hack

It’s hard to keep white trainers as clean as they are when they first come out of the box.

However, a woman has come up with a brilliant hack for making her battered old Converse look ‘box fresh’ again.

Sharing her efforts in the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, she posted a photo of her filthy shoes before and revealed their transformation after the cleaning process.

But, while it might look like hours of laborious scrubbing and bleaching has gone into changing the dull grey colour to sparkling white, it seems just one product was behind the makeover.

The ‘just like new’ look was achieved thanks to The Pink Stuff paste – which costs just £1 in Wilko for 500g.

The packet says it can be used on saucepans, cooker tops, sinks, showers, garden furniture and dozens of other surfaces – but it seems this stretches to footwear, too.

The woman goes on to explain in the post: ‘The Pink Stuff is the best for Converse! I wet them and then used a toothbrush and scrubbed them with the Pink Stuff paste.

‘I let them sit with the pink stuff on it for about 2 hours and then just put them on a 40 degree wash, then let them air dry outside.’

Some people were so shocked by the before and after photos they even accused the woman of buying a new pair of Converse. To which she replied: ‘What would I get out of lying about cleaning a pair of shoes?! People are nuts!’

Others said they were familiar with the product and that it had worked a treat on their shoes as well.

One wrote: ‘I’ve tried this too on mine. Pink stuff is amazing! Best to pop them on the line when the suns out…makes them come out whiter!’

While another said: ‘I do this with my children’s white trainers works wonders.’

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