Woman wears skimpy £13 edible knickers to lunch date with her boyfriend’s MUM and they snap off halfway through the meal – The Sun

A WOMAN decided to wear edible knickers for the day – but they snapped while she was having lunch with her boyfriend’s mum.

Sex-positive YouTube blogger, Nadia Bokody, decided to buy a pair of strawberry-flavoured pants, and documented her day in them for her 154,000 followers.

Nadia, from Australia, took it up a notch by buying a crotchless pair for £13.71 ($25.99 AUD), but was horrified when she had to construct it herself.

The 34-year-old said they reminded her of: “A fruit roll-up that I would have had in my school lunch.

“It’s just one triangle of gummy.”

She used the “flimsy” straps provided to try and fashion it into a pair of pants, but was puzzled by the shape of it – as there’s a hole on the front.

Nadia says: “It looks like a science experiment. This is going to be so impractical.

“This is definitely going to snap off at any given moment today.

“It’s really grainy from the sugar. It feels so gross. And so not comfortable.”

But she picked an impractical time to wear them, revealing she had to dash out to meet her boyfriend’s mum for lunch.

Before she left the house she was forced to change out of her skinny jeans, as the chafing was too uncomfortable.

Nadia put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts, but added: “Those elastic straps, they’re hanging on by a thread.

“Those are ready to snap at any minute, I don’t think they’ll make it through lunch.”

And she was right, as she later updated her followers that the pants broke half-way through the meal with her boyfriend's mum.

She held up the remnants of her underwear, saying: “This is what’s left of the panties, literally it snapped.

“This just broke, as soon as I went to the bathroom it snapped open.”

Nadia revealed they were going straight in the bin, adding: “I’m going to call this experiment definitely a failure.”

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