‘World’s worst mother’ savages her ‘ungrateful’ daughter in brutal dress review & even wishes she’d taken the pill

SHOPPERS have been left entertained over a mum who slammed her “ungrateful and entitled” daughter in a brutal dress review.

The angry woman had left a review on Amazon after purchasing a leopard print dress for her daughter. 

In the bold review, the mum wrote: “I bought this for my generally ungrateful and entitled 21 year old daughter.

“She wears about a size 12 usually and I ordered an XL.

“It fit & looked great on her, and if she had refrained from her moodiness it would have had an even better effect.

“When I listened to her list my myriad of faults, this cute dress gave me some distraction to tune her out.

“It cost about the same as a pack of birth control pills in 1997, which may have been a more prudent investment.”

The woman joked that she was the “world’s worst mum” for her comments – but still left the dress five stars on Amazon.


Many people were highly entertained by the review, when a screenshot was shared on Reddit.

One said: “I would actually read Amazon reviews instead of just looking at the number of stars given if more were this creative.”

Another added: “More prudent investment….five star review indeed.”

A third remarked: “Savage.”

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