You have a high IQ if you can solve tricky optical illusion ‘photographic memory’ test – so what word do you see? | The Sun

A very small portion of the population has a photographic memory, but you may be among them.

To find the hidden letter in this optical illusion, you can use your memory skills or just simply guess.

TikTok account Temblorrem shared a photographic memory test thatrequires viewers to combine two images to create a complete letter.

Both images contain a number of scattered dots, red and blue in color.

The video asked TikTok users to combine the red dots from both images to reveal the hidden letter.

According to Temblorrem, only 1 percent of the population can pass the photographic memory test.

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If you are struggling to see the red letter, one TikTok user had a helpful suggestion.

"Simple way to see is try to cross your eyes!" they said.

If that hint didn't help, then we can reveal the hidden letter is "G."

Temblorrem's followers took to the comments section to share what they saw in the illusion.

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"It's like two roses," commented one viewer.

Another user hinted: "Gee… I dunno."

"You need to blur your eye sight to get [it]," suggested another person.

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