You’ve probably been washing your hair all wrong as hairdresser reveals the one shampoo mistake most people make

WASHING your hair should be a pretty straight forward task, but turns out there's a right way to do it – and you've probably been doing it wrong.

A hairdresser revealed there's a common mistake most people make and said you should be shampooing your hair twice rather than once.

Felicity made the revelation on Twitter after realising not everyone knew of the correct hair washing method.

While it seems pointless to many, the hairdresser explained the reason why – and it actually makes a lot of sense.

She explained: "The first time will cleanse the hair of all the oils and product build up so that when you do it for the second time the shampoo can actually do what it’s intended to do.

"Also, only apply shampoo to the scalp and when you rinse it will run through the middle and the ends.

"Then only apply conditioner to the middle and ends of your hair, and use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower while conditioner is on."

She added that you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week only as too much washing can cause more build up and damage to the hair.

So bad news for those who wash their hair daily – but think of the time you can now save.

The post racked up thousands of comments from people who admitted they'd never shampooed twice – until now.

Only apply shampoo to the scalp and when you rinse it will run through the middle and the ends.

A handful replied to say they took her advice and their hair feels better already.

"So I saw this yesterday and decided to try your 2x shampoo advice when I washed my hair tonight… Omg THANK YOU!" one person said.

Another admitted: "My hair honestly feels better now! I can’t believe what a difference that made—or that I’m 26 and just finally learned the right way to wash my hair from a Tweet."

Responding to some pretty chuffed fans, Felicity wrote: "I’m so glad it helped!!! Keep it up and you will notice such a big difference."

Another wrote: "WHAT. MIND. BLOWN. This is the stuff they should teach us in school, damnit!"

And a third added: "This is how we should be washing our faces too! First wash gets rid of makeup/oil/sunscreen and second wash actually cleanses your skin!"

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