18 Of The Most Popular Pooping Tips Out There

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best pooping tips. The results were surprising, helpful, and sometimes weird. Here are people’s best advice on how to poop:

1.Start your morning with a glass of hot water mixed with lemon juice and a dash of ginger.

“Give your belly a massage. Lay on your back and go round on different points from under your stomach to just above your pubic bone. Try to push a bit, so your bowels are activated. Wait for a bit and there you go.”


4.Mix up a magic yogurt recipe consisting of chia seeds and fruit.

“Other than consumables, leaning on my back and lifting my legs in the air, or sitting in a very tight squatting position gets things moving.”


13.Sip on some dandelion tea.

“My friend once time told me if you’re having trouble getting it out to try smelling something really fragrant like shampoo or a candle while you’re on the toilet. It seriously works every time!”


Certain smells have a laxative effect on people. Read more about the Mariko Aoki phenomenon (the bookstore poops) here.

17.Mix some raisins into your cereal.

“My dad has a heart condition and if he exerts himself too much from pooping, his heart can stop so he takes his poops seriously. His secret: raisins. He always makes sure to have raisins with his cereal.”


18.And don’t forget the basics: Eat your greens and exercise or meditate when you can.

“Ahem, please eat your greens, and rainbow produce. Exercise if you can. Relax or meditate if you cannot.”


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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