A Guide to Some of the Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages

A Guide to the Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Whether you choose to drink or not, alcohol can feel particularly centered at gatherings around this time of year. Even if company holiday parties and New Year’s Eve fêtes have been downsized or shifted to virtual celebrations this year in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the occasions to drink still feel plentiful — and often overwhelming.

This year, whether you’re looking to get a jump on Dry January or simply to stock your bar cart with sophisticated and stylish alternatives to alcoholic beverages, these drinks are an excellent way to lift your spirits. Cheers to that!  

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Noughty Organic Sparkling Chardonnay

Thomson & Scott’s alcohol-free bubbly is the perfect way to participate in a New Year’s Eve toast while skipping the standard sparkling-induced hangover. Made from 100% Organic Chardonnay grapes sourced from Spain, the expert taste testers of No & Low describe Noughty’s palette as “medium-dry, crispy ripe apples, lots of fine bubbles, fruity with hints of sweetness to finish.” 

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Lyre’s Italian Orange

This one’s for the Aperol aficionados. Mix this slightly bitter blood orange spirit with tonic water and an orange slice for a sophisticated spritz. Lyre’s has the widest range of non-alcoholic spirits, with 15 varieties intended to mimic all of your bar cart essentials — their aperitifs, such as this one, are particularly noteworthy.

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Three Spirit Social Elixir

Forget gold, frankincense and myrrh — if you, like the Three Wise Men, are looking for the perfect gifts to give this holiday season, look no further than Three Spirit’s elixirs. Featuring botanicals meant to enhance every aspect of the evening, each spirit — Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap — offers its own herbaceous, unique flavor. 

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Sweet Reason Evening Blend Sampler

With a mantra like “Curators of Calm,” Sweet Reason’s Hemp CBD-infused beverages have become a cult favorite for winding down at the end of the day. Their evening blend sample lets you try a variety of their flavors, which are packed with adaptogens and stress-reducing herbs. 

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The Spirit of Bourbon

Free Spirits’ take on bourbon has the rich, oaky palate that you know and love, but without the headache. This bourbon alternative features hints of caramel and a malty, brown sugar finish. 

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Ritual Tequila Alternative

“Enjoy the ritual, not the alcohol” is Ritual’s mantra. With their alternatives to tequila, gin and whiskey available, there are plenty of options for craft cocktails sans alcohol. The tequila is best enjoyed as the base for a margarita or a paloma, rather than for taking shots. Pepper compounds are incorporated to give it the slight throat-stinging feel we associate with drinking alcohol, but the taste isn’t overly spicy. 

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Inspired by Mediterranean aperitivo culture — marked by slowly sipping a drink, often one that’s slightly bitter — Ghia is as tasty as it is aesthetically appealing. Packed with “natural nervines,” which the site describes as “herbs known to soothe the mind,” this tart and tasty spirit is delicious on the rocks or mixed in a mocktail. 

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Imported from the English coastline and boasting a distinct mineral quality, Pentire is an entirely unique botanical spirit. Louis Borrelli, one of the co-founders of non-alcoholic beverage retailer No & Low, suggests serving it over ice with a premium tonic, garnished with a sprig of rosemary or a lemon peel. Just in time for Dry January, Borrelli will be offering digital tasting and pairing classes to help introduce newcomers to the world of alcohol-free cocktails. 

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This amaro-style beverage is crafted from Vermont fermented maple syrup, maple vinegar and coffee, all aged in bourbon barrels. Aside from the bottle’s stunning design — which would make a wonderful addition to any bar cart — Sacré is rare in its ability to be sipped on its own. 

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Kin Spritz

These tiny, tie-dye cans pack a powerful punch. Branded as a “sparkling euphoric,” Kin’s adaptogen-fueled spritz has notes of citrus, ginger, hibiscus and cinnamon and sips nicely on its own.   

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Damrak Virgin 0.0

This Amsterdam gin brand made quite the splash with alcohol-free gin, aptly named Virgin 0.0. Two years in the making, this mimics the beloved botanicals and citrus of the brand’s original spirit, just sans hangover. 

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NON Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

Imported from Australia, NON has gotten as close in style and taste to a natural wine as possible. With a range of sophisticated flavors inspired by sparkling rosé wine, these sweet, slightly-salty, fruit-forward and lightly carbonated beverages are delicious on their own or paired with food. 

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