Anthony Mackie\u2019s Complete Outside the Wire<\/em> Super Soldier Diet

Anthony Mackie shelves his superhero morals in Netflix’s Outside the Wire, a sci-fi version of Training Day in which Mackie plays the crooked cop stand-in: an android super soldier who shoots, tortures, and generally commits war crimes for two hours. For the morally dubious role, Mackie had to look extra intimidating.

“My goal with my meal plan was to lean out,” he told Men’s Health. “I find that because I lift heavy, I tend to bulk easily. So I try to use my diet to cut as much fat as possible.”

Breakfast for the actor includes a cup of steel-cut oats, sometimes with berries, always with six scrambled eggs, and occasional sautéed onions. “My body uses those carbs to burn off when I workout in the morning,” Mackie said, explaining how he favors AM lifting.

Mackie said he’ll work out twice a day—weights in the morning and then cardio (usually a 3-mile run) in the evening. After morning workouts, Mackie shakes up—one scoop of vegan protein, a tablespoon of powdered almond butter, almond milk, and almond water. Last, but not least: some turmeric and collagen, to benefit his joints. “My big thing now is collagen,” Mackie said. “Because I like to lift heavy, my joints get really stiff and really sore.”

For Mackie’s Outside the Wire diet, the daily feast was lunchtime. Mackie wanted his big meals in the middle of the day, instead of eating larger later. That big middle meal usually meant Mediterranean—including 2-3 grilled chicken cutlets, vegetables with hummus, and a salad.

Dinners were also about lean protein—fish, chicken, bison, buffalo, and, Mackie’s “favorite meat on earth,” lamb—served with brown rice or sautéed veggies and quinoa. “Meal plans are very important because every day is leg day,” Mackie concluded with a grin.

Whatever helps Mackie kick dudes through car doors.

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