Baked salad is popping off on TikTok – here's what it is and how to give it a tr

TikTok has a knack for churning out food trends – for better or worse.

The latest star of the show: the baked salad. 

‘Baked’ and ‘salad’ are not two words we would usually put together, but on TikTok, these dishes are racking up millions of views. 

Warmed-through salad may make your brain hurt at first, but all it means is mixing baked veggies with grains. 

It’s a great way to make a salad into a cosy indulgence for the cold winter months. 

The idea is to mix greens, veggies toasted grains and seeds together and serve with a warmed-through dressing.


The dish has deep culinary roots that extend far beyond a social media app. 

The Romans were making warm salads thousands of years ago, with a recipe for a warm salad written in 1390. 

The Roman people were also most likely to first to grow and cook greens such as lettuce, hence the name Romaine lettuce. 

Now, baked salads have made it to the pages of trends foodfluincers, like Justine Doiron, who is responsible for viral recipes like the butter board. 

She’s now turned her attention to the baked salad. 

In this video, she makes a kale, cabbage and crispy quinoa salad. It has over 4 million views. 

Fellow creator Paige Appetit was inspired by Justine to make a crispy chickpea, kale and salmon salad with baked Brussels sprouts and dried cranberries.

Want to have a go yourself ?

Start with seasonal veggies, like brussels sprouts, butternut squash and potatoes. Kales always makes a good base, and pair perfectly with crispsy quinoa or chickpeas. 

For the dressing, keep it simple with lemon or lime balsamic vinaigrettes.

This, from kitkeenan, is baked butternut squash, vinegary kale and a salty olive and pistachio topper. It’s topped with creamy goat’s cheese, which you can obviously omit to make it vegan. 

She served it with honey and a tahini dressing. 

Easy Black Bean Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing #salad #blackbean #lunchideas

For a more fiery option, try this bake Jamacian jerk chicken salad. There’s also this black bean salad, with sweet potato. The dressing is corriandor, olive oil, maple syrup, mustard, lime juice, greeted ginger, garlic and salt. 

He adds avocado, red onion, pickled veg, black beans, sweetcorn, diced peper and tosses it with quinoa and the dressing. 

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