Ben & Jerry's Announces That CBD Ice Cream Could Be Coming Soon

Ben & Jerry’s is jumping on the CBD train—or they plan to, at least.

The Vermont-based dessert company announced on Thursday that CBD ice cream is “maybe, hopefully coming to a freezer near you.”

The move to incorporate the cannabis-based compound is a natural fit for Ben & Jerry’s. In a statement posted to their website, they hinted at their affection towards “all things groovy.

Though many other companies are infusing their products with CBD already, touting the elixirs wide-ranging health benefits from anti-inflammatory to anti-anxiety without the high, the problem remains that the FDA prohibits from adding it to food, beverages and dietary supplements. Moves are being made to change that though, and Ben & Jerry’s is crossing its fingers.

“We are committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalized at the federal level,” they said.

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The FDA is currently holding a public hearing on Friday, where dozens of researchers and retailers are presenting data and information on CBD. Ben & Jerry’s submitted a comment to support the legalization, though no decision will be made on Friday, it’s merely an “important step,” said FDA Commissioner, Dr. Ned Sharpless.

“We hope that this meeting, and the comments submitted to our public docket, will help us as we try to approach this issue in an informed way,” he added on Twitter.

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Ben & Jerry’s says they are taking care not to just chase the CBD trend for the sake of chasing. “We want to use sustainably-sourced CBD from our home state of Vermont,” they said in the statement. “After all, values-led sourcing is an important part of our process when we churn up new ice cream innovations.”

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