Ben & Jerry's is deep frying ice cream to look like classic fish and chips

Summer time beach trips means fish and chips, followed by ice cream – but Ben & Jerry’s have managed to combine both dishes in one.

The ice cream brand has created Phish and Chips.

Don’t worry, it’s not ice cream that tastes like the British classic – it’s just made to look like it.

It’s a block of their classic Phish Food ice cream, coated in a cornflake batter and all deep fried.

It comes with salty pretzel chips and even has sweet raspberry ketchup and mascapone tartar sauce for dunking, because why not?

The treat is available every Friday in July from their Soho scoop shop in London.

It’s available from 11am-midnight so you might not be able to have it for breakfast, but it’s a solid lunch or dinner choice.

The whole dish costs £5.95 and is also available without jelly to make it suitable for vegetarians.

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru said: ‘We’ve been calling London’s Soho Scoop Shop ‘home’ for over a year now, so we knew we wanted to celebrate with our community the only way we know how.

‘We hope our Phish & Chips experimentation – hot and cold, soft and crunchy, sweet and salty – reels in a treat that will have ice cream lovers hooked.’

Of course, if you don’t want your ice cream deep fried, you can try this pop-up that’s serving it with chicken and chips instead.

House of Ice Cream pop-up will boast a buffalo milk ice cream topped with fried chicken, chips and hot sauce on its menu from tomorrow (which is apparently national ice cream day).

Like we need an excuse to serve ice cream with every meal.

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