Ben & Jerry's launches new sundae range with four different flavours

With it being chilly and wet outside, it’s safe to say that ice cream isn’t at the front of our minds.

But an exciting new launch might make us switch up our priorities.

Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled a brand new product for this year that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the brand before.

The dessert giant has launched a new sundae range, made up of ice cream as well as whipped toppings.

There are flour different flavours to feast on in total, including one vegan offering.

The first is the Cookie Vermont-ster, which consists of ice cream, chocolate chips and cookie swirls.

Whereas the Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate is the second in the line-up, made with chocolate and hazelnut ice cream alongside brownie pieces and sea salt swirls.

Next up is Oh My! Banoffee Pie! – which features a creamy banana ice cream, chocolatey caramel cups and cookie swirls.

The final product in the new collection is the Non-Dairy Berry Revolutionary – made with vegan raspberry ice cream sandwich cookies and chocolate swirls.

These new sundaes are available now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and other UK supermarkets, coming in at £5.49 per tub.

Priscille Moussy, flavour guru at Ben & Jerry’s commented: ‘You might think you know a sundae… but are you ready for a sundae the Ben & Jerry’s way?! Inspired by the American classic, we wanted to show dessert devotees you do not have to go out to go all out. 

‘Sundaes are ice cream plus so much more (we left out the kitchen sink, you’re welcome!). We think you’re going to need a bigger spoon to dig deep into these layers.’

So if you’re looking for a post-Christmas pick-me-up, these new whipped goodies could be just the thing.

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