British Airways upgrades in-flight meals for economy class

Plane food gets a bad rap. We tend to think of in-flight meals as bland at best, and at worst – pretty disgusting.

You can always smell your in-flight food before you see it. Salty, vaguely savoury scents waft from the microwaves down the aisles, before erupting in a dewy cloud when you peel back the tinfoil – often revealing an undefinable meal beneath.

But all that could be about to change, as British Airways have recruited a top chef to overhaul their menu – even for economy class passengers. But you will have to pay extra.

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has overhauled the in-flight economy meals, and they will be available on a ‘buy before you fly’ basis from a new ‘Speedbird Café’ service.

The menu will include a posh Warm Steak & Ale Pie; Ham Hock & Smoked Cheddar Sandwich; Chicken, Bacon & Celery Brioche Baguette; Soft Brie & Apple Chutney Ploughman’s sandwich, and vegetarian Spiced Cauliflower & Chickpea Tortilla Wrap, all costing between £4.10 and £4.50.

Other items include BrewDog Jet Stream beer (£4.50), Pannier Champagne (£17 for 375ml), Bloody Mary (£6.50), Dash Sparkling Spring Water (£2), Tapas Box by Jose Pizarro (£5.95), Cambrook nuts (£1.50) and ‘luxurious’ Savoursmiths crisps (£1.35).

If you want something a little fancier to eat on your next BA flight, then you’ll need to be organised about it.

Orders must be placed up to 12 hours before departure on the High Life Shop website, with Duty Free available through this portal, too. There can be no change of mind once you’re airborne – and no extra miniatures of gin or cans of lager can be bought while you’re flying.

‘Britain is known all over the world for the quality of its meat and so these pies will be like ambassadors for British cuisine, with proper, glazed pastry and oozing with flavour,’ said Tom Kerridge of the launch.

‘And the sandwiches will have a lot of crunch and punch. They’ll be substantial too.’

This is another reason to get excited about the possibility of getting on a plane again as soon as we’re allowed.

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