Burger from Morrisons named the best supermarket burger in the UK

A burger from Morrisons has been named the best supermarket burger in the UK.

Morrisons won gold for its The Best British Beef Burger, which is enriched with bone marrow, in BBC Good Food’s Summer Taste Awards.

According to the supermarket, the bone marrow was added to the burger to give a ‘very rich flavour’.

The burgers were blindtasted by judges, who tried a variety of supermarket burgers and ultimately crowned Morrisons the winner – with the burger achieving top marks for juiciness, high quality meat and great beefy taste.

The burgers cost £3 for a two patty pack and are included in the ‘two packs for £5’ offer across Morrisons summer food range.

The burgers are also one of the best value options for the BBQ season.

Joshua Brockbank, Burger Buyer at Morrisons, said: ‘We’re really proud of our burgers which have been created with British ingredients. Adding bone marrow gives the burger a rich and juicy flavour and we’re confident our customers will love them.’

The Best British Beef Burgers enriched with Bone Marrow are available online and in Morrisons stores nationwide now.

In other Morrisons news, the budget supermarket has launched a section of plastic-free fruit and veg.

You’ll be able to pick them up loose and put them in your own bags, or use recyclable paper ones instead.

The move follows a ten month trial in three Morrisons stores in Skipton, Guiseley and St Ives.

In those stores, the amount of loose fruit and veg bought by customers increased by an average of 40%.

The supermarket hopes to see a similar result across other stores, which could save an estimated three tonnes of plastic a week.

Drew Kirk, Fruit and Veg Director at Morrisons said: ‘Many of our customers would like the option of buying their fruit and veg loose. So we’re creating an area of our greengrocery with no plastic where they can pick as much or as little as they like.

‘We’re going back to using traditional greengrocery and we hope customers appreciate the choice.’

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