Burger King Japan Introduces Brutally Honest "Ugly Burger"

Burger King Japan‘s run of quirky sandwiches continues the “Ugly Burgers” by introducing a soon-to-be cult favorite. The “Chicken de Ugly” is the latest culinary creation masterminded by the domestic test kitchen, rounding out a trio of delicious, if unattractive, burgers.

The “Cheese Ugly Beef Burger” and “Chili Ugly Beef Burger” were offered a for a limited time earlier this summer but that deadline to try has been extended in light of the new chicken sandwich. Loaded with crispy fried chicken, smoky bacon and flavored pickles, the Chicken de Ugly is served between specially concocted cheese buns, like its two counterparts.

Unlike most fast food meals, the burgers are all presented in advertisements as being intentionally sloppy to capitalize on the unorthodox appearance of the cheese buns. The chili sandwich might be the best representation of this mentality, with the slightly spicy dish oozing atop melted cheese and Burger King’s signature flame-grilled patty.

Offered at the reasonable price of ¥680 JPY (approximately $6.45 USD) or ¥920 JPY ($8.75 USD) for a complete meal, the full Ugly Burger menu launches November 13 at Japanese Burger King outlets.

Earlier this year, another Japanese burger chain capitalized on the moment with a presidential hamburger election.
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