Calling All Waffle Lovers! Apple Released a Whole New Batch of Food Emojis—See What Made the Cut

The garlic emoji is finally here, just in time to repel all of the local vampires on Halloween.

Apple has released 398 new emojis, including nine food-related ones, some of which are long overdue. The food emojis are available now to all users who download iOS 13.2, and they include a waffle, a head of garlic, onion, a falafel platter, butter, oyster, apple juice box, Mate, and an ice cube. 

While some of the new emojis like the waffle and the ice cube were approved earlier this year and were included in Apple’s World Emoji Day preview, many others were revealed for the first time this month.

For those wondering — the “Mate” emoji refers to a caffeinated drink that is common in many South American countries. It is sometimes referred to as yerba mate in English, or maté, and it is typically green in color as a result of the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant used to make the beverage.

Other additions include a variety of gender-inclusive, disability, and mixed-race emojis, along with a flamingo, razor, firefighter, construction vest, and more. Many of the new emojis are receiving widespread praise because of their inclusivity.

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The news comes shortly after Facebook and Instagram announced a broad ban on “sexually suggestive” emojis. According to the New York Post, “[Content will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations.” A review of Facebook’s Community Standards confirms that emoji usage will only be restricted if it is accompanied by other inappropriate content.

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