Could smushed courgette be the next smashed avocado?

Could smushed courgette replace smashed avocado as millennials go-to insta-meal?

Avocado toast has become one of the most photographed and popular brunch dishes on the planet in recent years.

But the demand for the fruit, coupled with weak crop yields in California, are forcing avocado prices in Mexico to skyrocket.

This has reportedly prompted taco chefs in Mexican restaurants to substitute avocado pears for the less-instagrammable courgette in guacamole recipes.

The courgettes are boiled before being blended into a smooth consistency with coriander and tomato.

And they seem to be doing the job.

Taco and guacamole connoisseurs have spoken about how tasty the substitute is.

“It tastes almost exactly like your standard taqueria guacamole,” said Javier Cabral, producer of Netflix series, Taco Chronicles and editor of food site LATaco. “It almost fooled me”.

Aside from the taste there are plenty of other benefits for swapping out avocado.

*Courgettes are cheaper and they last longer.

* You don’t have to wait for them to ripen. 

* Courgette guacamole does not discolour over time.

* They have a low fat content so you can eat as many tacos as your heart desires.

* They are a packed full of vitamin C, and potassium, which can control blood pressure. 

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