Couple shamed for 'skid marks' wedding cake design

A bride and groom have been mercilessly slammed online because of the, let’s say quirky, design of their wedding cake.

A photo of the cake was shared on a Facebook group and critics were quick to mock the giant cake, pointing out that the brown icing trimming resembled ‘skid marks’. Gross.

The cake really is a one-of-a-kind – with a double-sided design, featuring the head and shoulders of a groom on one side, and a bride on the other.

The two-tiered cake has been adorned with white icing for the bride’s dress, brown for the hair and tuxedo trimming and tie and a heavy black beard for the groom. It’s unusual, to say the least.

But the online critics were not fans – the use of brown icing in particular seems to have caused the most offence, with one person simply saying ‘yuck’.

‘Oh took me a while to figure out what it was supposed to be, looks like dookie – straight up skid marks,’ wrote one critic.

‘Thank jeebus it’s one of a kind. There doesn’t need to be any more,’ added someone else.

Not everyone hated it though, some just thought it wasn’t quite right for the occasion.

‘They’re kinda cute but not appropriate for a wedding,’ said one.

‘A good idea, but the execution is lacking,’ added another.

It might not look that appetising, but at least the colours are slightly lifelike – and you can’t fault them for individuality at least.

We’re already bored of semi-naked wedding cakes – maybe this is a breath of fresh air.

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