From BLT to avocado, what does your favourite sandwich filling say about you?

Sandwiches are a big deal here in Britain.

Every year, 11.5billion sandwiches are eaten in the UK – with the average Brit eating 18,304 sandwiches during their lifetime.

But could our choice of sandwich unwittingly reveal something about us?

Whether you’re a fan of egg mayo or a BLT, your lunch could be the window to your soul.

Lucy Beresford, author and psychotherapist, looks between the layers…

Plain cheese

Some might call you dull, but you are actually stable and reliable. You don’t like fussy people, things, or design.

You are content with life’s simple things.


You are gentle and reflective, but some people mistake you for being weak. T

hey think they can push you around, but you have a surprising tenacity when required.

Egg and salad cream

You are fully in touch with your inner child. Memories of children’s parties where you first tasted these sandwiches still fill you with joy.

When you’re feeling a bit naughty, you might add cress.

Prawn and Mayo

You have high self-worth, and you love to treat yourself regularly.

The fact that this supermarket staple has been around for 40 years doesn’t stop you feeling a buzz of excitement about eating something so luxe.

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

You have a great sense of humour. You love that the lettuce and tomato are there to make the bacon seem more healthy.

Do people know you tend to remove the lettuce?

Roast Beef and mustard

Everyone knows when you’ve walked into a room. Your strong character squeezes the most out of life.


You are exotic. Part of you longs to work with a shaman in Peru.

Occasionally you’ll add lime and coriander for added Latino vibes.

What are the most popular sarnie flavours in the UK?

The most popular sandwich fillings are BLT, coronation chicken, bacon, pulled pork, and ham and cheese.

We love to hate cream cheese and jam, Marmite and banana and mayo and crisps.

What are the most famous sandwiches from around the world?

United States

An Englishman may have put his name to the sandwich, but it was the US that turned it into an art form.

BLTs, Reubens (pastrami on rye bread), clubs and even the mighty Cuban sandwich originated from here, the latter’s diet-defying heady mix of ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, gherkin and mustard in a toasted bread originally served up to Cuban immigrant workers in Florida.

And that’s before we mention Elvis and peanut butter.


A staple of every bistro, the Croque Monsieur is a seriously posh and tasty ham and cheese toastie.

Fry it in egg batter for the elegant-sounding Monte Cristo variation or add an egg on top for a Croque Madame.


You can count on India for top-notch vegan tucker and their Vada Pav roll is no exception.

Native to the state of Maharashtra, a bun is filled with a fried spiced potato dumpling. Added kick comes from chutnies. We reckon this gives England’s chip butty a good run for its money.


No wonder Denmark is such a super-happy place to live. It’s all about the filling there – so much so, they don’t bother with a top.

Smørrebrød, an open-faced affair on buttered rye with cold cuts/cheeses/spreads, and finished off with veggies, herbs and salad leaves, is more of a meal on an edible plate than a sandwich.


Traditionally served as a breakfast meal, the sabich is a veggie sandwich with enough punch to power you through until dinner time.

Served in pita bread, it contains fried aubergine, hard-boiled eggs, a tahini sauce, salad, chopped parsley and mango chutney.

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