Grandad says his 92-year-old Easter egg is the 'oldest in the UK'

A grandfather says he owns the ‘UK’s oldest unopened Easter egg’, which he has kept safe for 92 years.

Older than most people, the milk chocolate egg is still in its original packaging with red and silver foil, as well as a big ribbon.

Eric Boden, 93, was just a baby when his uncle gave him the Nestle milk chocolate treat in 1931.

His mother put it in a cupboard so Eric could enjoy it when he was older, but it has remained unopened for almost a century.

Talk about having self-control.

Eric, from Evesham, now keeps the nine-inch chocolate egg in a dark cool cupboard at his home.

The retired toolmaker said: ‘My uncle Harvey was an army officer and fought in the First World War.

‘He gave the chocolate egg to me to mark my first Easter.

‘My mum didn’t want me to get in a mess as I was given lots of chocolate treats so she put it away and it didn’t get eaten.

‘When my parents Florence and Arthur passed away 37 years ago we were cleaning out their house we found it.

‘I always knew the Easter egg was there, but I didn’t know where.’

It’s likely the egg would have been consumed decades ago, had it not been misplaced for so long.

Eric is in the process of having his egg verified by Guinness World Records.

His youngest son Stephen, 64, said: ‘I’ve done some research and seen Easter eggs online claiming to be the oldest – but they are only around 70 years old.

‘Obviously this is 92 so it would seem to be the oldest unopened one in the UK.

‘It became a bit of a family joke. It was kept in a cool, dark place and that’s where it stayed.’

Is it a wasted chocolate egg, though?

A Nestle spokesperson said: ‘It’s really nice to hear it’s been preserved as a keepsake all these years although it would not be worth anything.

‘Vintage chocolate is not like vintage wine. It’s well past its sell by date and I don’t recommend anyone should eat it.’

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