Here’s Everything Kourtney Kardashian Eats on Her Cheat Days (Even When She's on the Keto Diet)

The eldest Kardashian sister holds herself to some pretty strict dietary standards—but even she can’t resist a cheat day every now and then.

In a recent post to Poosh, her health and wellness-focused website, Kourtney Kardashian shared how she splurges on her diet when she needs to satisfy her cravings. In an article titled “Cheat Days Are Necessary—Here’s How We Do It,” the reality star reveals that she’s got a sweet tooth, and she’s not afraid to use it.

“I cheat twice a day with a little something sweet after lunch and dinner,” she said in the post. “On my recent trip to Turks, we had a handful of junky foods, like Double Stuf Oreos and Cheetos for all of us to snack on.”

Last year, Kardashian admitted that she’s much more relaxed about her diet than she used to be. In April 2018, she used her app to tell fans that she was no longer following her very strict daily routine, free from both gluten and dairy, which she used to only break while on vacation. “That wasn’t making sense for me anymore,” she wrote. Now, the reality star still splurges on vacay (Double Stuf Oreos, yes please!), but makes sure to treat herself on a regular basis.

Kardashian also used to follow the keto diet—a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diet that puts the body in the fat-burning state of ketosis—which has been acclaimed by many celebs in recent years.

“When I did the keto diet, I was very strict six days a week and my cheat day was on Sundays,” she explained in the post. “I’d go to the farmers market before church and get a matcha latte and chocolate croissant from Alfred’s, and then after church, I’d head to Soho House for their buffet (all-you-can-eat waffles with butter and syrup).”

PEOPLE checked in with keto expert Dr. Anna Cabeca to see what she had to say about Kourt’s six days on, one day off keto routine, and what she thinks about cheat days on keto in general. The consensus? She’s all for treating yourself to a cheat day, but warns that it might kick you out of your ketogenic state.

“We all need feasting days,” Cabeca says. “We need to do what’s right for our bodies, and sometimes that means giving ourselves something to look forward to.” In fact, she tells her clients that it’s absolutely fine to splurge a little on a cheat day if it helps them stay in line for the rest of the week. “We need to watch what we eat, but we need to celebrate our hard work, too,” she says.

With that in mind, Cabeca says indulging in high-carb, high-sugar Soho House waffles likely would have taken Kourtney out of ketosis for about a few days. “Waffles are not ketogenic,” she says, “so it would probably take her three days to kick back into ketosis after that cheat meal.”

Regardless of the dietary impact, we’re all for doing what’s right for you and your body and what makes you happy. Enjoy those cheat day Cheetos!

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