Hostess Is Releasing a New, Out-Of-This-World Twinkies Flavor for a Limited Time Only

Breaking news: There’s a new Twinkie in town, and it’s got an intergalactic twist.

On Thursday, Hostess broke the news exclusively to PEOPLE that they would be releasing a brand new flavor of their iconic sweet treat: Moonberry Twinkies. The new Twinkie takes the same shape as the original dessert, but this iteration is intended to look — and taste — out-of-this-world. 

The shell of the Moonberry Twinkie is noticeably different from the original, dark blue in color as opposed to the classic color of vanilla cake. A representative from Hostess says that the dark blue sponge cake is supposed to mimic the night sky, for an outer space-style experience. The creamy filling the Twinkie is always stuffed with is also a little different in this new treat — the cream is “moonberry”-flavored, which is smooth, sweet and just a little bit fruity. Think: all the berries you can think of, blended into one. 

Twinkie lovers can head to their local Walmart starting next week to pick up a pack of the treats, available in a pack of 10 for $2.97. The product will be exclusive to Walmart, and will only be on shelves for a limited time only, so if these sound good you better load up while you can. 

This isn’t the first time Hostess has decided to shake things up by putting a new twist on their old favorite. In 2016, Hostess released Deep Fried Twinkies to the world, which were also sold exclusively at Walmart and were available in two flavors: Original Golden and Chocolate. In March 2017, they teamed up with Kerry Convenience, a company that provides food and beverage products to convenience stores, to sell Twinkies Cappuccinos—milky coffee with a hint of creamy sponge cake flavor.

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