How to burn 2,500 calories without giving up your favourite treats

One of the hardest things about a weight loss journey will be the part you have to give up certain foods.

While some may follow particular plans, like the Slimming World or WW – formally known as Weight Watchers – it’s not always needed.

In fact, it’s not even necessary to cut out ice cream, biscuits and beer.

According to fitness expert Graeme Tomlinson, swapping foods for almost identical ones can make a huge difference.

“The point of consuming food is to remain alive”

Graeme Tomlinson

The 31-year-old, who has 459,000 followers on Instagram, said: “The point of consuming food is to remain alive.

“The point of controlling our intake of food is to manage our physique and overall health.

“The point of consuming calories is to reduce body fat across our composition.

“But one constant in all of the above should be our enjoyment of the food we eat.”

Graeme, from Scotland, doesn’t want people to give up their favourite foods but to be wary of the calories.

He explained the only way to lose weight was through a calorie deficit – which is by consuming fewer than you burn.

And there are ways where you can have all the taste and reduce the number of calories.

For example, switching two bacon rashers (108kcal) for two bacon medallions (45kcal) saves 63kcal.

Pasta lovers can use 5% fat mince beef (262kcal) instead of full fat (503kcal) which saves 262kcal.

Meanwhile, those who can devour a good steak can switch from sirloin (510kcal) to a fillet at just 312kcal.

And cheese addicts can swap regular cheddar (210kcal) for a light version (145kcal).

Posting on Instagram, Graeme shared the low calories swaps which shows how to avoid consuming 2,500 calories.

He said: “Losing fat is not straightforward. It requires a change of habits. But if an individual recognises opportunities to make small changes which reap handsome long term rewards, it seems short sighted not to take them.”

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