How to create a festive feast inspired by TikTok’s 2022 food trends

TikTok has given us plenty of inspiration for our food and drink choices in 2022.

We’ve seen everything from jalapeño rosé and four-ingredient hangover drinks, to butter boards and air fryer recipes.

And what better way to pay homage to some of these than by seeing them out in style for the year?

A culinary expert, from HelloFresh, has shared how you can put a festive twist on this year’s biggest TikTok food trends.

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Recipe development manager Mimi Morley said: ‘It is fascinating to see the impact TikTok trends have on the types of foods people are experimenting with, and the many different exciting ways there are to cook them.

‘You can create a real talking point for your family and friends by putting a festive twist on this year’s biggest TikTok trends in time for Christmas entertaining.’

Mimi recommends these seasonal twists on TikTok trends over the next two weeks.

Reindeer cloud bread

Mimi says simply cut cloud bread in half like a burger bun and fill with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. You could always throw in a few sprouts too.

Then, half a mini pretzel and stick into the top of your sandwich to look like reindeer antlers, with half a black olive for a nose. 

Bauble butter board

This year, we reaffirmed our love of an old favourite… butter.

So much so, people are now making their own at home and butter boards were even thrown into the mix.

To give yours a festive twist, Mimi recommends topping a butter board with sliced figs, bacon, diced green peppers and pomodoro tomatoes for a seasonal treat for all the senses.

You could always spread the butter on in a Christmas tree shape and decorate these extras as baubles on it.

Christmas morning pesto eggs

An old TikTok favourite, pesto eggs is a great addition to your Christmas Day routine.

‘To make them look a little more festive, simply use red pesto on one side and green pesto on the other, then sprinkle with a few chilli fakes and chipped chives; it’s as simple as that,’ says Mimi.

Christmas tree custard toast

Aesthetically-pleasing custard toast was everywhere earlier this year and it’s a great festive breakfast or brunch option.

Mini says: ‘To take this incredible treat to the next level, top with kiwis cut into Christmas tree shapes, pomegranate seeds or sliced cherries. You could even add a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like.’

Winter baked oats

Give your baked oats a festive twist with winter spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg.

A lovely breakfast for the festive period if you feel like you’ve overindugled a little.

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