Iceland is selling unicorn-shaped potatoes (and unicorn chicken and ice cream)

Would you eat a unicorn? Now you can – in potato-form, thanks to Iceland.

It can’t have escaped your attention that unicorns are all the rage for under-tens – okay, and some ‘over-tens’ (twenty-somethings?), too.

Iceland, along with McCain, has leaped on the unicorn trend to launch unicorn-shaped potato shapes, costing £1 a bag. Think potato smiles – but unicorns.

The unicorns are made with real potato mash and can be cooked quickly from frozen: excellent news for busy parents of toddlers who are transfixed by unicorn YouTube, no doubt.

In case one unicorn-based foodstuff isn’t enough to entice your child to the table, Iceland also stocks Bernard Matthews Unicorn Dippers for £2, and an own-brand Strawberry and Candyfloss Unicorn Ice Cream for the same price.

Let’s be honest, that sounds like an irresistibly Instagrammable meal.

Unicorn love has swept the nation for a surprisingly long time. It was two years ago that Starbucks introduced its garish unicorn frappuccino. And still, aficionados spent this summer lounging on giant inflatable unicorns and riding ‘demeaned’ horses in unicorn getups.

Google Trends shows that people have been searching for ‘unicorns’ more since 2012, and if these sure-to-be soon sold-out potato snacks are anything to go by, the trend is not waning.

The magical spud-based bites are exclusive to Iceland – online and in-store – and are available from 16 October.

Unicorn horns coated in ketchup, anyone?

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