Kit Kat Japan Joins 136-Year-Old Sweet Shop for Aomori Apple Pie Wafer

Kit Kat Japan has traveled up north to Aomori, the country’s number one Apple-producing prefecture, to concoct its latest flavor — sweet apple pie.

Kit Kat teamed up with Ragueneau Sasaki, a sweets shop in Hirosaki City that has held a reputation for their cakes, cookies and other confectionaries since 1884. Its best-seller is the “Patissier’s Apple Stick,” which is a flaky, lightly buttered pastry filled with syrup-coated Aomori apples. Recreating this taste, the company sourced Aomori apples, reduced them to powder and an apple-butter mix and kneaded them into the cream that’s sandwiched between the wafers — all of this has been wrapped in lustrous apple pie-flavored white chocolate. Kit Kat is hoping that the new flavor will become a staple souvenir for tourists visiting Aomori.

Kit Kat Japan’s new Apple Pie flavor is currently available at gift shops across Aomori for ¥800 JPY (approximately $7 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s a short documentary about the man behind some of Kit Kat Japan’s 400 flavors.
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