Man invents strange contraption that lets you eat hot dogs in private

Ever feel awkward about eating hot dogs in public?

Not to worry, a man has come up with a solution that lets you guzzle down this penis-shaped dish away from prying eyes, even if you’re out in the open.

Matty Benedetto is a self-taught product designer who specialises in weird and wonderful creations for his YouTube channel, Unnecessary Inventions.

His latest project is the Glizzy Gripper, a product that he dreamed up and launched in just a few days – after a fan commented about straight men feeling uncomfortable about eating phallic-shaped foods.

The item has a small black handle, along with a space where you can slot in your sausage in its bun.

‘The inspiration came from another one of my inventions I posted it on Twitter and someone commented something along the lines of, “this looks more suspect than a straight guy eating a hot dog in public”,’ Matty, 30, tells

‘I’m gay so I’m not self-conscious about eating phallic-looking food, but I suppose I can’t speak for all men.

‘I never thought of this as a problem, so I knew I had to create the solution.

‘I build and design two to four new Unnecessary Inventions every single week for my social media channels so I rapidly design and produce the prototypes.

‘I designed the 3D model of the Glizzy Gripper on Wednesday night, 3D printed it overnight and filmed and posted the video on Thursday.’

If you’re hoping to get your hands on the peculiar product, we’ve got bad news – it’s not available.

Matty, who is based in Burlington, Vermont, adds: ‘Typically my inventions aren’t ever for sale.

‘My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, from online memes, seeing people doing something a particular way in public, random A-HA moments.’

Some of Matty’s other creations include the Cone Cream Catcher, so ice cream will never drip down your hand again, and The Snack Saucer – a frisbee with a bowl attached for passing treats between yourself and your mates.

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