Man shares picnic hack that warms up hot dogs without using a barbecue

It’s prime picnic weather.

Heatwaves call for outdoor dining, friends, family and good food.

However, unlike barbeques, picnics can leave you quite limited when it comes to grub options. Sandwiches and salads are the obvious choices because hot food is often out of the question… or so it was, until now.

One man has shared a genius food hack that cooks hotdogs without the need for a grill.

TikTok user Andrew Ramsay (@ramsay1512) shared the trick in a video that has now been viewed over 470,000 times.

‘Well guys, after 34 years I thought I’d seen it all but then Jill’s mum hits me with this life hack at the picnic today,’ Andrew said in the clip.

‘Hotdogs. You don’t need a bbq – just a flask with some hot water.’

Two people then pull a hot dog out of a silver flask filled with hot water and place it in a bun.

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Those in the comments were amazed at the cooking technique, while others said that they had been using this trick for years.

One viewer commented: ‘My mam has been doing this for as long as I can remember (I’m 23 now). Hacks for life.’

It isn’t clear if the hot dogs were cooked prior and kept warm in the water, but the hack appears to be one that could work in a pinch.

Hot dogs are usually pre-cooked and can then be grilled, put in the oven or boiled for anywhere from five minutes to 10. If the water is boiling and the hot dog is fully submerged, it should prepare correctly.

And it seems this isn’t a new trick, the educational technology website Howcast posted a video on YouTube showing viewers how to make a hot dog using a thermos.

The ‘how-to’ gurus explained it is a fantastic way to provide hot meals when camping or enjoying outdoor activities.

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