McVitie's is bringing back its famous BN biscuits

In the last few years we’ve seen low-rise jeans, skinny brows, and zig-zag partings make a comeback. 

But nothing could prepare us for this noughties revival: McVitie’s is bringing back its classic BN biscuits. 

The smiley treats have been off shelves for the past four years, but are already available now – and there are new variations.

As well as the original chocolate filling and vanilla filling, McVitie’s is also launching bitesize BN biscuits called Mini BN’s which come in chocolate and strawberry.

McVitie’s BN’s will be available in family sharing packs of 16 biscuits and Mini BN’s in recyclable boxes of five portion packs.

Is your mouth watering too?

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to ‘taste the smile,’ you can pick up a packet of BN biscuits from ASDA right now for just £1.

The golden, smiley biscuits will also be available to buy from all other major supermarkets from February. 

And people are happy about it.

‘BN BISCUITS ARE BACK BABY,’ said one ecstatic Twitter user.


Another gob-smacked BN lover asked if the rumours were true.

Oh my god!!! Can the rumours be true?! BN biscuits are back at ASDA for £1?! @KezzaG90

‘BN biscuits are a thing again,’ said another happily surprised user. 

BN biscuits are a thing again 😱😱

As nostalgic treats go, BN’s have to be God tier level, along with Lunchables and Penguin bars.

What do you think? Should we be raving about the return of McVitie’s BN’s, or are they tired?

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