Mum turns leftover bread crusts into delicious French toast chips her kids love

Kids can be fussy and one mum knows that the only way her children will eat their packed lunch is if she cuts the crusts off the sandwiches.

But not wanting the leftovers to go to waste, she had a genius idea to save them and make something the family would love.

She freezes all the crusts throughout the week and then uses them at the weekend to make french toast chips.

The Australian mum said it’s a great treat and it uses up the leftovers.

She posted: ‘This isn’t healthy and it’s not about what to pack in their lunchbox, but it is about making use of the sandwich crusts you make for lunches if your kids are like mine and want the crusts off their sandwiches.

‘If you’re sick of wasting crusts, then I’ve got a mum hack for you!

She keeps a zip lock bag in the freezer and then fills it up with the crusts as she cuts them off throughout the week.

By the end of the week, the bag is full and she defrosts the crusts, dips them in a French toast egg and milk mixture and then fries in butter.

She said the kids ‘suddenly love’ the crusts when they are cooked like this.

Other parents said it was a great idea and shared some of their own trips for using the leftover pieces they cut off.

One said she bakes them in the oven and coats them in cinnamon sugar to make a crispy sweet snack.

Another suggested spreading Vegemite or Nutella on them and folding them up to eat.

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