Mums love pate divider for fussy eaters who don't like their food touching

Children often have particular eating habits – and some don’t like certain foods touching on the plate.

Sometimes it’s just fussy eating, in a few cases, it can be a sign of mild disorder such as OCD.

To deal with the issue, some parents have invested in a clever plate divider that does a perfect job of separating food items.

The dividers could be just what you need if your child doesn’t like their veggies touching their meat, for example, or if you’re trying to introduce variety into their meals.

The ‘food cubby’ is available to Australian shoppers and has been labelled a ‘game-changer’ by parents who struggle to feed their kids at mealtimes.

While this set of food dividers – which come in different colours – is available Down Under, those who are keen to get some can buy them online for UK delivery too.

e-Bay has a range of colourful options for kids or adults who are not fans of mixing their foods.

A mum who shared the item on Facebook wrote: ‘Do you know someone who doesn’t like their food items touching on their plate? Get them this.

‘There are many pros to this because those with disabilities for example autism, my little girl is so neat, her toys have to be in a straight line all the time and dinner time is a lot easier separating her food, in her mind things are different, this item helps so much for those with sensory issues’.

Another added: ‘When my daughter was little I had to separate the different foods or she wouldn’t eat them when they touched. These are perfect for that. It’s not about being picky there’s reasons behind why people won’t eat their food when it’s touched another.’

‘Fussy eating’ can sometimes be a sign of Brumotactillophobia – the fear of different foods touching and is a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder. It may also be a symptom of avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

And it’s not just for children. Some adults on Facebook said they would also be keen to purchase the food cubbies.

One person wrote: ‘This would be ideal for me, I love my food separate, even though it goes to the same place. Food that touches tastes different to me.’

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