Pink prosecco is launching in UK next week

It looks like pink prosecco will be landing in the UK sooner than expected.

Earlier this year, it was thought the drink would launch in early 2021, but pink fizz will now hit shelves next week – just in time for Christmas.

The first brand to launch in the UK is called PINK Prosecco and it’s made in a winery owned by the Vice President of the Prosecco Council – so there’s no doubt of its quality.

It’s set to cost £8.99 online, while the website is also offering a case of six for £53.94.

To get its fruity nose, delicious flavour and beautiful pink colour, the pink fizz spends at least 14 weeks in the tanks.

PINK Prosecco says it’s had so many enquiries, that the team have had to create a waiting list for customers and more than 370,000 fans have liked the drink’s Facebook page.

Since 2009, prosecco has held a DOC status within the EU, which means all bottles with a ‘prosecco’ label must be made in the Treviso and Trieste regions of northern Italy. Until recently, the Italian Prosecco council said that grapes used must be at least 85% Glera, meaning the fizz will always be white.

However, in May last year, the council ruled that bottles made with a mix of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes can be classified as Prosecco DOC. This took a year to be approved and production started back in May. 

Just like a white prosecco, the pink variety must still be produced from a majority of Pure Glera grapes, but it will also include up to 15% red Pinot Noir grapes to achieve its pinkish hue.  

Paul Anthony Gidley, CEO of PINK Prosecco, told the Daily Mail: ‘Since the Prosecco Council in Italy gave the go-ahead for Prosecco DOC Rosé we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get the brand, bottle and bubbles just right. 

‘Brits are the biggest consumers of Prosecco behind its native Italy and the popular fizz has become as much a part of the culture as a pint of beer. 

‘We’re so excited to bring our product to the UK and we’re sure there will be many PINK Prosecco corks popping over the Christmas season.’

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