Skittles Just Unveiled 3 New Flavors That '90s Kids Will Love

If you are anything like me, you probably love candy. It’s delicious, it’s decadent, and it makes for a great mid-day treat (I just inhaled some Sour Patch Kids, a peanut butter cup and way too many M&Ms at my desk.) But hold onto your hats, fellow candy lovers, because one of the most popular American candies is getting a makeover. That’s right, the Wrigley Company just announced three new Skittle flavors.

Be still my sugar-loving heart!

The revamped rainbows are strange yet familiar. How so? Well, each mix takes the iconic candy to a whole new level by adding sweetness, a sour edge or a lil’ bit of mystery. Case in point: the new Imposter Skittles, whose colorful exteriors do not represent the flavor on their interior. (Think mystery Dum-Dums, Airheads and/or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.) Each fruity blend also has a snazzy new name: Imposter Skittles come in alter ego orange, cryptic citrus, sneaky strawberry, undercover apple and raspberry ruse.

Of course, not everyone wants to guess what they are eating — and we get that.  But don’t fret because Wrigley has you covered, too.

The second addition, Skittles Freeze Pops, will remind you of childhood, as the blend features flavors you’d find in typical tube-style freeze pops, including blue raspberry, lemon, grape, orange and strawberry. And the third addition, Skittles Sour Wild Berry, packs some serious pucker power. The candies in this assortment include sour berry, sour wild cherry, sour melon and raspberry.

The bad news? The new flavors will be available for a limited time only and limited to specific retailers: Imposter Skittles can be found at Walmart while Skittles Freeze Pops and Skittles Sour Wild Berry (both available in June 2019) will be Dollar General exclusives. So go forth and stock up because these goodies are sure to go.

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