The weird and wonderful hot cross bun flavours you can buy in supermarkets

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The humble hot cross bun has a lot to offer: it’s sticky and sweet, can be eaten hot or cold, and is elevated with a good portion of butter.

Like its cousin the teacake, it’s minimum effort with maximum reward.

But over the years, this winning formula of mixed spice and sultanas has been transformed.

In fact, the hot cross bun offering in supermarkets has evolved, to say the least.

Traditionalists might be shaking in their boots, but the alternative bun selections that dominate the bakery aisles are pretty hard to refuse.

There’s certainly something for everyone with familiar cake flavours now available in hot cross bun form (we’re looking at you red velvet and lemon drizzle), as well as brand new combinations that sound pretty tempting.

And let’s not forget about the various savoury options out there, too.

We’ve rounded up some of the weird and wonderful flavours on the shelves this year, from all the supermarket star players.

So if you’re a little bored of a bog-standard bun, why not venture out of your comfort zone with one of these intriguing treats.

Specially Selected Salted Caramel & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns – £1.29

M&S Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns – £2

Waitrose Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Buns – £1.85

Tesco Finest 4 Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns – £1.60

Sainsbury’s Lemon Curd & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns – £1.25

Sainsbury’s Cheese, Tomato & Oregano Hot Cross Buns – £1.25

M&S 4 Banoffee Hot Cross Buns – £2

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