TikTok hack shows how to ripen a peach in just 24 hours

Peach season is upon us. 

Whether you like to eat them grilled on the BBQ, with ice cream or popped in a summer salad, the fruit is delicious in so many recipes. 

But, let’s be honest, is there anything more disappointing than biting into a hard, unripened peach?

The good news is that we can now put those days behind us – thanks to a handy TikTok hack.

User @brunchwithbabs has come to the rescue by sharing how to ripen the fruit in just 24 hours – to get a juicy and satisfying snack every time.

In the video, she explains that you’ll simply need a brown paper bag and a banana. 

All you need to do is pop both the peach and banana inside the bag and then leave it in the daylight.

She says: ‘Put it on the windowsill for 24 hours and you’ll have the sweetest peaches ever.’

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It’s safe to say that followers have been thoroughly impressed with her simple method – with some chipping in stating that the same technique can be used to ripen tomatoes and avocados as well.

But Babs’ clever hacks don’t stop there. 

In the video, she also reveals another trick when it comes to the delicious fruit – how to get the skin off a peach in seconds.

The TikTok user can be seen firstly scoring the fruit by slicing an ‘X’ into the top with a knife.

Afterwards she pops the peach into boiling water for 30 seconds, before moving it into an ice bowl. This makes the skin super soft and easy to peel off with a knife. 

If you’re looking for more household hacks, Babs regularly posts on her page – with tricks for making your dishwasher less steamy, squeezing lemons and more. 

She also has a plethora of different tasty recipes to try, including a mojito and watermelon salad, s’more and banana boats and cobb salad.

They all sound equally delicious.

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