Video allegedly shows stadium vendor 'recycling' leftover beer, serving it to fans

WATCH: Video allegedly shows stadium vendor ‘recycling’ leftover beer, serving it to fans

Would you drink someone else’s leftover beer? You may have to at this stadium.

The operators of a soccer stadium in Mexico say they may consider booting a concession stand from its stall after claims that vendors were recycling leftover beer.

In what they described a “reprehensible” situation, the operators of the Territorio Santos Modelo (TSM) entertainment complex in Torreón, Coahuila, acknowledged the “undue action by one of the beer vendors” in a statement released to social media earlier this week, promising to investigate further, per a translation.

The investigation was reportedly spurred by footage captured at the Estadio Corona – part of the Territorio Santos Modelo entertainment complex – which allegedly shows the vendor pouring leftover beer into a bucket behind the counter. The vendors were then accused of refilling new cups from that bucket for resale, Mexico’s El Universal reported.

Following TSM’s Monday announcement, Club Santos Laguna – the home team at the stadium – confirmed that the Health Secretariat of Coahuila conducted an inspection of Eurest Proper Meals, the food-service company named in TSM’s initial statement.

The food and beverage provider was ultimately suspended from operating at Tuesday’s match, El Universal reports.


A representative for Estadio Corona and Territorio Sandos Modelo was not immediately available to confirm the terms of the vendor’s suspension.

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