Woman reveals her secret to perfect eggs with runny yolks every time

Is there anything more disappointing than cutting into an egg at breakfast to find the yolk is overcooked and solid?

Well, an Australian mum has shared her secret to perfect runny yolks every time…

…and it involves an unlikely kitchen appliance.

Forget a saucepan and boiling water on the hob, the home cook revealed that she uses a pie maker instead.

Jenny explains this method means you can cook the eggs to your desired consistency each time.

Posting in an Australian Facebook group which shares easy recipes, she said: ‘There’s really no other way to cook them! Cook for five minutes for soft [eggs] or seven minutes for hard.’

For deliciously soft yolks, it’s best to leave the lid of the pie maker up while cooking, but if you want harder eggs then you can pop it down.

The end result? Two perfectly cooked symmetrical eggs with runny golden middles.

After sharing her hack in the Facebook group, it wasn’t long before other members decided to try the method for themselves – and it’s safe to say they were impressed with the results.

One woman commented: [The] eggs were perfect, I just love this machine.’

But it seems eggs are not the only food that can be popped in a pie maker (besides pies of course).

Bakers have been making muffins, crumpets and rocky road pastry desserts using the gadget. Back in May, one person even shared how to make arancini balls with leftover risotto, after seeing an easy recipe online.

She posted: ‘I found using a large heatproof plastic spoon helped to flip them without breaking.’

After explaining that she rotated the arancinis on both sides until they were crispy, she said: ‘Once cooked drain on a paper towel and I turned my oven on to a very low heat and kept the arancinis in there to stay warm while I cooked the rest of them.’

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