Woman reveals how to get four Starbucks drinks for price of one with easy tip

Everyone loves a Starbucks drink – apart from our bank balances.

Those daily Caramel Macchiatos and Vanilla Lattes all add up and can end up costing us a small fortune.

But a woman on TikTok has shared a brilliant tip on how to make those orders go a lot further.

Sharing her hack on the platform, Haley Pham explains how she always orders the extra large size of her favourite iced drink, but gets it without ice.

She also orders a large cup of ice to go, which helps her to stagger her drink throughout the day.

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Speaking in her car, Haley says: ‘There’s my drink number one of the day – but look, I’ve got three to four more of these in here.

‘That’s how you get four drinks out of paying for one. Cheers mate, you’re frickin welcome.’

Haley’s video may have been posted a while back but her tip has proven popular, racking up over one million likes on the platform – with many coffee enthusiasts commenting on her helpful hack.

One person said: ‘I’m sitting in the queue for Starbucks right now!’

Someone else added: ‘That’s how I do it with my four kids!’

But others were keen to point out that with a large amount of ice, you’re bound to get some pretty watery drinks. 

If you’re partial to a hack or two, another person on TikTok shared how to toast a wrap by folding it into four different sections.

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