Woman shares how she created her own vegetable garden with 5p Asda bargains

Looking to pinch the pennies?

This money-saving hack is well worth a grow.

Kat Phoenix, 28, from Blaenau Gwent, has shared how she managed to make her own vegetable garden on the cheap.

The smart shopper explained that rather than heading to a gardening centre, she simply pops to Asda every Friday and Saturday at around 7pm – when the vegetables on offer are reduced in price.

Some of the veg goes in the freezer or fridge to be used past its best-before date, which massively cuts the cost of the big food shop.

But another trick Kat has adopted is using the cut-price veg to grow more of her own.

‘Every three months or so, I get reduced potatoes, usually for 5-10p a pack,’ Kat told LatestDeals.co.uk.

‘I put them in the back of the cupboard for a few weeks until they sprout and then plant them.

‘We have recently moved to a house with a garden so my partner Amir and I got a plastic greenhouse as a joint Valentines day gift so we could “grow together as a couple”.’

Along with potatoes, Kat grows her own garlic, onions, carrots, and more – all starting from those bargain buys.

‘I started growing vegetables like this a few years ago, planting garlic bulbs that didn’t get used in time that had started to sprout,’ explained Kat.

‘I then moved on to experiment with sprouting potatoes and onions, which I started putting into plastic trugs in the garden.

‘The tips of leeks, spring onions, carrots and parsnips can be placed in soil of varying depths and go on to grow new produce.

‘Spring onions are particularly useful as they can be placed on the windowsill in just a small amount of water.’

To make the most of every supermarket buy, Kat also uses the containers the veg comes in as planters for her homegrown produce.

‘The tip I would give to anyone wanting to try is to just have fun and experiment,’ she added.

‘There are lots of YouTube videos about low cost planting which I have recently found.

‘I’m hoping that, now we have a garden, we can make more of our own produce and reduce our shopping bill further.’

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, is a big fan of Kat’s hack, and has shared his own wisdom for copying the trick.

‘Those who have a garden – or even just a windowsill – can easily grow their own vegetables with a little practice and patience,’ he explains.

‘I recommend starting out with spring onions as you don’t need much space or equipment.

‘Keep them in a glass or jar and top up the water regularly, changing it every few days. You’ll start to see growth in about a week!

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