Woman shares space-saving freezer storage hack to make mince quicker to thaw

A woman has taken to TikTok to share how she freezes her mince to make it easier to store and quicker to thaw out.

The TikTokker, who posts under the username sunnyboo72, shared the very quick clip asking people to: ‘Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life.

‘I’ll go first,’ the audio adds as sunnyboo72 demonstrates her own ‘standard practice’ hack.

The mince storage method is pretty simple – first she takes the mince out of the rigid plastic packaging it comes in and puts half of it into a large sealable sandwich bag.

Once it’s in the bag, she flattens the mince until it’s roughly a centimetre thick.

Then she seals the bag and puts it, along with one she prepared earlier, into the freezer.

With the mince flattened, it’ll be much easier to slot into the freezer around other items.

The caption over the video simply reads: ‘750g pack of mince halved and froze to save time and space.’

The video itself is called: ‘Saves so much freezer room defrosts in 1/2 the time like a hr enjoy’ [sic]

Saves so much freezer room defrosts in 1/2 the time like a hr enjoy #lifehackvideo #lifehacks

The video has had more than 11,000 likes so far, so it’s safe to say people are finding the tip useful.

One commenter wrote: ‘Easy to store. Freezes faster. Thaws faster. Perfect.’

However, others were quick to point out that the poster didn’t wash her hands after touching the mince in the video, to which she replied multiple times that she only ‘had 15 seconds to get the point across’.

While she may well have cleaned her kitchen after the video was filmed, it’s worth pointing out that you should always wash your hands after handling raw meat.

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